Dear all,

In June 2013 our world collapsed, our daughter Lisa (then 3,5y) was diagnosed with a stage 4 Neuroblastoma. A rare and aggressive form of childhood cancer.

After a year of fighting, Lisa is declared in remission mid-2014. Our nightmare seemed over until Lisa suddenly relapsed in December 2018.

The shock was overwhelming. Not in the least because the treatments readily available in Belgium do not offer a real chance for a cure! Our oncologist refused to give up on Lisa and proposed a treatment, already developed in Germany, with much better prospects for the future.

Lisa submitted to the 3 first stages of the protocol and did so brilliantly. She went through several rounds of chemotherapy, a treatment with radioactive MIBG antibodies and an allo-transplant of hematopoietic stem cells from her mum (the heaviest and most delicate part of her treatment which robs her temporarily of her immunity).

The last stage of her treatment consists of immunotherapy (Qarziba), which raises her chance of survival considerably. Unfortunately it is not yet reimbursed by the Belgian social security and the cost is very high (380 000€) although this treatment has shown to be successful and is already part of standard protocols in other countries, such as Germany.

We tried several ways to gain access to this medication (treatment abroad, participation in a clinical trial,..) but none of these attempts were successful. And the time is ticking, because the treatment must be started before November 10th and preferably sooner.

Our only solution to make this treatment available for our daughter is to appeal to your solidarity and generosity. Your support is our only hope and every donation, small as it may be, could make a huge difference in Lisa’s life.

For this fundraising we decided to accept the help of an organization that tries to make the life of many families, in a similar situation as ours, a little easier .The asbl Aide aux Enfants Cancéreux (AEC) made a special account available to us. This makes every gift of 40€ or more tax deductible in Belgium (with certificate). They will also be responsible for the payment of the treatment. All money not used for Lisa will go to the AEC.

Please feel free to visit their website:

ASBL AEC – Chemin des Goffes, 21 à 4140 DOLEMBREUX

Our fundraising was closed! If you are touched by our story and you would like to help other children and their families in a similar situation, we would like to invite you to support the asbl AEC. All information can be found on their website :

Lisa, her parents and sister: Grégory Sevastos, Kathleen De Swert and Lou

But also:
Her godmother, her uncle and cousins: Stéphanie Sevastos, David Llamas Martinez, Esteban and Tom Llamas Martinez.
Her uncles, aunts, god-father and cousins De Swert: Nathalie, Jonathan, Michaël, Linda, Philippe, Ella, Noah, Thomas, Laura and Sophie
HerYiayia : Suzanne Sevastos Camus.
Her Opa and Mamy : Peter and Chantal De Swert – Coen.